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Reviews for "ThermoBox"

Ouch this is hot!

Such a nice sunday we are having on NG...

- Almost crystal clear
- I only suggest to change the colours of the pivot points of the metal bars, I'm a little lazy to pay attention may be

Game play:
- As usual for this genre; it is good
- Just mention there is a little delay time between breaking

- Marvellous sound and fitting visuals... Can I request the ending music?

Good job, thanks to colour scheme it can be played at night without having a monitor tan on your face/in your eyes!

If you'll make a second one, please keep the good sound work too and I hope you'll put a medal on the second to listen the first one's musics too!


Overall a good game.

I like how you sometimes need to use one ball simply to push beams into the right place for the second ball to heat. Or when you have to try and get the boxes in a certain order o allow you to get all of them. A game like this must have taken a lot of planning.


it was an entertaning game, but why do the boxes only melt when the steal is hot, not when one of those fire balls touch them?

Not for the hardcore puzzler

Lacks an actual standout point, but still accomplishes some good things.

Graphics: 7/10
A lot of effort was put into the presentation, but the different elements stay the same throughout the game, which makes them dull.

Sound: 7/10
Once again, it's OK, but I muted it anyway. Too annoying and repetitive.

Gameplay: 6/10
Really simple, and it's actually confusing as to why:
-The game is really agressive right from the start, as if it's going to be really tough to beat
-It just stays really simple until the end

-The physics weren't taken advantage of. As long as you press the rocks in order you'll succeed. No unpredictability
-The boxes don't melt when the fireball touches them
-The level design is lazy

Fun Factor: 8/10
I can't explain it, but this game was actually really fun!

Concept: 5/10
Too many games like this. The whole 'heat the metal up' was cool though.

Raplay Value: 2/10
None: the game's short, and once you beat it there's nothing else to do.

Good effort though: something really fun that can kill some time.

Mmmhhhh; The Graphics Are Very Simple, And The Sound Is Good, Ok; But, This Very Bored.....
Sorry Im So Rude.... Im Not View Future To This Game, Sorry Bro :c