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Reviews for "Falling in love..."

I'm rating it a five, because it makes me think. One falls in love, aka the hearts, and it feels like things are going great but when you reach the bottom you lay flat on your face, and somehow it hurts. But if you keep blocking away from love, life gets boring and takes FOREVER, like it never ends. Love will always hurt in the end, but the best part is falling.
Still kinda sad,lol

Atien responds:

Thanks, I'm glad you liked it.

i thought you have to collect the hearts

okay but you dodge the hearts why is it falling in love it should be falling away from love and i wish there was a replay button because i don't want to have to keep clicking refresh

Atien responds:

Interesting thought :)


well firstly i dont think theres an ending to the game and i think if i did this i would be better then you. i suck at making games.i dont like this game I HATE IT because you doge the hearts. so i have no idea why this is called falling in love... as so i rated it half a star because if you die its so funny XD

had to read the coments to get the message, its a jacked up way of thinking if you ask me but to each his own i guess