Reviews for "Ducky Dumped"

lol i for one love the voice

its cute. and like your other videos art and animation isnt a problem

What a pity...

Never seen ducky so sad :( Well, nice song but the voice is EPIC :D . Can you make more series like the first two? :)


I mean the batman episode was funny, some of the episodes after were a little bit funny, but now its getting annoying, you made me hate the freaking duck! try something new.


I don't know whether to laugh or cry, but I know that you are a clever motherfucker. GOOD JOB!

My, my, my, you just made me cry

I don't know what it is about this flash that made me cry. Maybe it's the beautiful music. Maybe it's how incredibly tragic Ducky's voice sounds while singing those tragic lyrics. Maybe it's the tears you put on Ducky that, however badly drawn they are to most people, still evoke empathy and sadness. Maybe it's the visuals you did, with the happy moments, and the sad moments all so cute and heartbreaking, respectively.

I know one thing, though: you have a brilliant cover on your hands.