Reviews for "Ducky Dumped"

My wish was made true

In one of your previous ducky flashes I asked for ducky Mp3...and it came true!Thank you for the tracks but may I ask for a ducky OH MY GOD but the louder angry one...I gave you a nine not because the flash was bad..but the whole Emo-Ducky thing just got old...we wanna see Badass ducky!


I mean the batman episode was funny, some of the episodes after were a little bit funny, but now its getting annoying, you made me hate the freaking duck! try something new.

What a pity...

Never seen ducky so sad :( Well, nice song but the voice is EPIC :D . Can you make more series like the first two? :)

Am I missing something here?

The voice gets really hard to listen to. Its just a duck that rages in most of the episodes with simply tweened animation building up to it. Also throwing in some bad pop culture references. I'm guessing to tickle viewers fancies.

Really what don't I see that everyone else does?

poor ducky

the voice does get annoying, but i still love it!