Reviews for "Spy"

Great game.

i love how the reaction, no matter what happens, is immediatly "We have a spy!"


Great game. It's pretty dumb how at the end the 'spy' is based from a building that says 'Spy Organization' right on the freakin' front of it!

DjSonicx responds:

Lol, well, it's like FBI. they do secret stuff... but they are not really secret because whe all know they exist, and they have a building, The building might not say with a big text "FBI" BUT everyone knows that it's the FBI building...

The "spy" organization is not supposed to be something that people don't know it exists... only their missions are suposed to be secret...


gadgets, robots, sneaking around, what more could you ask for in a game called SPY. Great story, good enough graphics, fun and innovative gameplay. AWESOME


the game is great. but i'm a multi tasker and it would be better if there was a mute button.


This is a very fun game, keep it up.