Reviews for "Spy"

pff IE...

Great game, maybe it is a little to hard at some points.
Putting checkpoints would make it a little easier but that doesnt mean that they have to be there.

Imo everyone who uses internet explorer deserves to be f*cked!

The game froze

I actually like the game the reason for the zero is because when I finish the first level for the first time another ad screen popped up and I hate that and not only that it froze the game so I had refresh the page and I am using firfox. As a result I to the entire first level again and that is when I just forget it.
The game itself as its draw backs for example when I pressing the arrow keys to move the guy is still moving when I let up so it makes it very easy to like bump into walls or get yourself seen. You probably want to tighten these up so that you only make the game a little more fair. Other than that great idea.

Thank you!

The fact that you mentioned the IE bug is proactive and helpful. Also, it helps with future games.

hmm no problemo

Nice game and I use internet explorer and had no problems zo people shouldnt cry:P

Hope to see more of your style games in the future

very challenging far on

although after about the 50th try i got like 30 seconds left on the clock on the final level
its like splintercell with a tiny robot i love it
great job keep it up