Reviews for "Spy"


Kick-Ass soundtrack to boot

DjSonicx responds:

that's why I don't like "mute" buttons XD

Keys stick.

I played this game on three diferent browsers. The only ones where the keys would not stick was using IE9. First I tried it with firefox, my default browser and when i would press 2 the robot would move to the left, and after clicking or pressing enter he would move left without stoping. Samething happened on Chrome.

Overall I liked the game, it was different. Keep up the good work.

DjSonicx responds:

That doesn't make sence...
1- I'm the game creator and it tested A LOT on diferent browsers, only IE8 gave me problems

2- It is a know issue with IE8, I can't pur links here, but if you google "internet explorer stuck keys" you will see what i mean...

3- You're the the first person telling me that you had this problem with FF :S

I'ts not a scripting error, I've used basic codes for the key control... I guess the problem is that I'm an actionscript2 programer, and this is an old scripting language, maybe this is causing problems with recent browsers...

AND maybe IE 9 fixed this problem... But IE really have this problem...

Ok game

Liked the elements of stealth and the extremely simple style of gameplay, but I was disappointed with the story elements and the monotone voice acting.

*SPOILER* In the end, I was rather disappointed that the virus was destroyed rather than used in a bait-and-switch sort of plot, which would have made this game more interesting and possibly set up a sequel. (Though, I would admit, it'd be difficult since the spy bot is, after all, a robot.)

DjSonicx responds:

I was thinking about making that plot. But really, this was a test game (i wasn't even expecting the sucess this game is having) so I made it small just to see if people would like it

and the monotone voice acting is actually a text to speech software ;)


at last. REALLY GOOD stealth game on flash.

DjSonicx responds:

Thank you :3

Dont listen to these idiots

I hate it when great flashes get 0s because some idiots can't afford a decent computer. I just played the tutorial and i say 5/5

DjSonicx responds:

you're not the only one who dislikes that situation X3