Reviews for "DN8"

Awesome game!

This was one sweet game because there was just so much going on! Let me also say that the powerup of those little guys absorbing the blows is probably the best powerup ever! I am so glad to be introduced to your style. The medals did not show up when I got them, but they did show up on my profile! The cybernetic voice was also really cool. I just love how there was such an amazingly good amount of colors and designs put into this.

There is always something going on and you really know how to prepare yourself for it. Don't think that a boss appearing is going to make the level end, especially as the game progresses. The backgrounds were simply flawless and showed great innovation in their designs. These kinds of games makes me proud to be an online gamer. I wish you the best of luck in all future work!

Squize responds:

Thanks mate, you've made a good day that bit better.


One of the best shooter games I've ever played so far. The evolution and the movement like of the enemies are great Ideas to put on a game like this. The graphic is nice and the music is great (I never find it annoying though.) Finally a great game on daily feature after Hunters: Relics of Stars, which is medicore, Psychosomnium is not that bad but not that good either and Cripple Cannon is a bit too strategic for me. This game deserves it more than those.


Vey good

Great Shooter.

This is possibly one of the best shooters I've ever played. You've made an awesome use of the evolution system; nice graphics; amazing music, and I haven't stumbled upon a single bug. You sir, deserve a 10.

Also, @McGangbang

You just suck. I can beat this game with no problem. Stop giving games bad scores because you suck at them.

Really, really cool

I didn't really have the time (or patience) to play through the whole game. That, and I don't particularly favor shooters, but I have to admit that this is really cool. I love that no game is the same because of the multitude of options in the mutation, and the changing image codes for the enemies is a really cool feature too. Had me hooked! Pacing is good, and graphics are clean.
Very awesome game, 10 stars.