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Reviews for "DN8"


Great re-playability, great sound, great idea, great graphics.
You deserve the front page, my bro.
When I got the shield drones, all I could think was
'Haro, deploy the shield bits!'
But, maybe every 10,000 points or so, another life could be awarded?

Loved it

Great shooter, reminds me of Starmageddon, wich is pretty awesome.

I took the Shield route, and, what an experience! 10/10

great game

great game, and chaosdrakath, you do realize that dodging bullets is the entire point of bullet hell...

Kudos on an enjoyable game

I am happy to see that the grazing doesn't give you points, because at one point I sat my ship there, went off to eat peanuts, and all I could hear coming from the speakers is: "...extra life, extra life, extra life, life lost, extra life, extra life, extra life, extra life, life lost, life lost, extra life..."

Kudos on a smart move =]

Waw! Really temtping!

Flashy and spicy game!

Very well maded and twisted!

Love the Backgroundanimations and the Music~

That's some Bullet Hell >3