Reviews for "Cardmania Tripeaks Deluxe"

Fun stuff! But...

...IT'S DAMN NEAR IMPOSSIBLE TO BEAT THE FIRST LEVEL! Oh, well. I suppose I'd have to be playing for ages to get it right, like the way I suck at solitare!

Definitely worth a playthrough for the card-playing types!

Simply the best...

Great take on Tri-Peaks! Awesome variety of levels.

Awesome take on Tri-Peaks

I've played pretty much every official tri-peaks game type, and this has a TON of levels, definately worth playing for anyone who plays tri-peaks, fun, and addicting.


I made it to lvl 9!!!! Wow. the fact that it is compleatly random makes it a real hi and mis game. But ive spent alot of time playing it. Seems like something that would come with your computer. /

Good work

I can play this game forever...

Love the game, didnt get it at first, but once I did I didnt want to stop! Great game.