Reviews for "I'm Nice!"

Love it

It's amazing, people are complaining about the voice, but it's fine, and i couldn't do anything near that well, plus it's a very long song and animation, it deserves the front page, i like the fact that it's child appropriate, and love the animation style, keep it up, i expect more on the front page from you.



he trolololololed that gummy bear

Awsome flash and song!

The bear making fun of Chocolate Rain video was so funny dude, and also the scenes where the bear is mean and after that when he try to fix his mistakes. Very well planned scenes, that was the key point. Congratz!

vakavadesigns responds:

Thanks so much for your review!

You're the second to mention the Tay Zonday parody :)

Kinda subtle, but his 'fixing' his mistakes is too little, too late and adds to the humor.

That's a pretty good truthful flash.

I can understand that real people really are that way. They can be selfish, rude and downright jerks. The fact the bear of this flash saw this and changed his ways is a sign that all people can change just the same way. I think the flash is a good example so I am giving it a 5/5 and a 10 star rating.

I saw my life flash before my eyes...

that was the perfect music video the match my life.. it was nice to see bears road to redemption. something the audience can relate to... so i give a 10/10