Reviews for "Magi: The Fallen World"

Nice game

Bug in there when you get crited and die. you die and die and die. Bad loop, BAD!


I find this game very interesting. I cannot not rate 10/10 to this game if i rate 10/10 to some shitty spam. I liked the dungeon system in this game.. i played til 13 level mage and i finished almost all quests.. i went to kill legendary thing and when he had almost no hp i died. I think that the mage guy could use some Stun skill.. Maybe it had one, but i didn't find it.. Everything worked perfect exept the legend of the blacksmith that does not exist haha. Wonderful game (almost)


didnt really care for the fact that to kill most of the bosses you had to grind forever or you would get face raped... other than that great job hope to see more games


That's a nice feature

Very nice

Cool game, although it was just a tad too repetitive. I chose warrior. It was way too easy for me though. I brought whatever stat affected DEF up to 50 and then put the rest on DEX (dexterity). Almost never was hit and had enough DEF to withstand the big hits from bosses. I don't know if there was this feature or not, I didn't see it right off the bat so I didn't go looking for it, a save feature. <--- would really be nice to have