Reviews for "Magi: The Fallen World"


kinda like league of legends or dota in a small way

Great game, but...

This game is very well designed, however I found it odd that one of the first sets of quests required you to kill a legendary-class creature. This led to me having to grind for a while just to be able to survive one hit. Otherwise, great game.


This reminds me diablo a bit.

The graphics,the dungeon gameplay and that you need books to upgrade your skills,plus the HP/MP spheres with the hotkeys.

Very Enjoyable

Well, after mage-tanking my way past the first legendary creature on island 3 and moving on to island 4, I decided to call it quits. The game itself is incredibly addicting. Being a fan of old rpgs I couldn't help but get lost in this game. The concept and system of leveling was made extremely well and the graphics adequate. Although leveling to 50 was relatively quick, the overall process was a bit boring considering the same monsters were just falling into line to get blasted apart by a fireball fight after fight. The mobs were all relatively easy and didn't consume too much time to take away from the game itself. Bosses were a nice touch... Until I got to the legendary monsters, which SEEM to have the insta-rape skill. I also noticed that bosses on the last floor have much more health than ones on the first of any dungeon (Or maybe it's just me).
The blacksmithing system to upgrade your weapons with souls of monsters was very unique and appealing, and the weapon and armorsmith presented useful items. I also found that the process of upgrading your skills through books addicting considering I was always looking for them to increase my damage output further (Though I never found an actual limit to how far you can upgrade your skills).
Anyways, there's a lot more to say but I'll wrap it up. All in all, a decent well made rpg, with minimal errors. Awesome job, I'll be waiting to see what else you come up with later.

Like it

I'm not a fan of RPG games but I liked that one. I manage to beat 5-6 islands that I got stuck. I was level 51 but it was way too easy.

I tried the hardcore mod but when leaving a monster map I got this : http://img607.imageshack.us/img607/26 37/sansreuc.jpg

I couldn't choose any town, I can't drag the map so that was it... :(