Reviews for "Magi: The Fallen World"


This game kept me busy for a few good hours. 10/10


hey nice game, but, in the middle of the games i got medals worth 0 each a glitch or actual medals?

Best Looking RPG game on NG,

It looks like you worked hard on this, the game is great and much to like and some to dislike.
Likes~ Good Graphics, Many variations of equipments, also to enchant your equipment, the types of bosses and monsters.
Dislikes- Repetive, could've mixed diffrent monsters,add some music, not have a randomizer on chests and equips because you could be deep in a dungeon and get something completely useless, character some times has a hard time turning.
Other than this its a good game and atleast deserves a 9/10.

I'm glad there are games like yours

Okay so I agree with the other comments this game would have been much cooler if you were able to customize your character, I enjoyed the fighting even though it was redundant the noises man they got annoying and fighting similar monsters but with stronger stats was lame too. Also skills man I wish there were more.

Maybe if you could have a different variety of monsters, a way to change classes or perhaps even sexes....

Other then that I thought the game was great, graphics were awesome, and I'm glad it didn't have a story line it was old school in the sense that all you had to do was drop into dungeons that got harder with every level and the upgrading of the skills was fun I wasn't sure if that was by random or perhaps paired with the leveling of the character. El Guapo approves. :D

Very good

Almost perfect but for items:

there really too many items dropped, very boring to select and sell them.

Only one click to sell items is tricky, the trade screen needs a confirmation before selling.

But it is a great game. NIce art, simple to play.