Reviews for "Magi: The Fallen World"

kinda fun...

This game is kinda fun when you're bored out of mind but its kinda repetitive so i'm gonna give it 9/10...


These are my favorite types of games. Keep them coming.


Only saying this because over half of the reviews say the same damn thing: "OMG the art looks amazing!"
No, it doesn't. I mean, yes, it LOOKS good, but that's not to the credit of Veewen.
Every last graphic in this game comes from Rappelz. Veewen drew none of this. Or at least very, VERY little of it.
Is that bad? No, not really. Plenty of things use graphics from other games. But you don't go onto a Super Mario based flash and say "OMG NICE ART! I WISH I COULD PAINTING THAT WAY!"

Now, that aside, all the magic, monsters, attacks, classes, etc. are all limited by and based upon Rappelz, so therefore everyone asking for other stuff can basically go jump out a window.

Veewen, you did a great job here, putting this together. All insults aside, I've got to admit that I played this game for over 12 hours. That's 8 hours longer than I actually played Rappelz, so... A+ for you, sir.

EVERYONE. STOP. If I hear one more thing about the art, I'm killing kittens.

P.S. That bug where the quest reward doesn't show... is still bugged. Get on it boy!


The game is good, plays smooth, battle is smooth (odd voices) .....story?


I played this 9 hours straight lol : DDDd it OWNS!