Reviews for "Magi: The Fallen World"

I actually wanted to enjoy this game and I gave it a slice of my time that I will never get back. Bugs, to steal the phrase "this things got more bugs than a bait shop". I particularly like the Russian Roulette with the personal stats, you never know when a stat is going to randomly go up or down. Or better yet drop to zero. Yeah makes for a whole lot of fun. For these and other crippling bugs I must give it a 1 and half stars and advise people to not even try this unless you are a glutton for punishment and disappointment.


Ugly, slow, and dull.

Entertaining until it comes to the indefinite stop

Your game reaches a stalemate after a certain point. Once you get to the quest where you need to travel to Chovehle, you're done. Chovehle does not exist, or @ least isn't viewable on the map. I've tried switching browsers, to no avail.

veewen responds:

You can scroll the island map with your arrow keys, try looking around.

fix your bugs

couldnt even move right in the battles and kept dying. why dont you fix those bugs, hmm?