Reviews for "Magi: The Fallen World"

Nice but....

I would be happy if you decreased the difficulty
but overall,its a superior game


Imo increase the radius of the interrupt effect on ice nova
A lot of times I spawned facing backwards when fighting Champion rank enemies

It seems that you can get stuck moving in one direction if you usekeys to move, but clicking seems to avoid that issue

The lack of any story is the only thing that annoyed me

yea idk

it was an excellent game but it didnt count 3 or so of my medals....tresure hunter, explorer,slayer, and legend, i racked up over half a mil in gold and didnt get anythin...and i played the game for over an hour and a half and stopped counting kills in the 300s and no medal =(
but good game

veewen responds:

The medals should be fixed now, try loading your profile, go to a shop and then leave, your medals shall be activated.

Couldn't stop coming back to the game!

I really like what you have done here with this. There are tons and tons of items and upgrades to find and I like the character building. As far as I can tell there is no end to the game it's just random dungeon after random island.

If you ever make a new one it would be cool if you wrote a main story line that was actually beatable to bring a little more purpose to the game. More creature types would be nice as well.

though game! but yea it was cool!