Reviews for "Magi: The Fallen World"

It's... so so...

I like the gameplay but voice acting could use some work. I tried out the warrior because I like swords *shot for 8-bit fighter reference* and found the game rather easy. One thing I think REALLY needs some work is the graphics. When you equip a new item, you should SEE the item being used! It was a poor and IMHO lazy route to just have it change your stats. Some of us like seeing the shiny weapons we have, as we maim things!

UI too small

very fun, plenty of armour, but it needs just 1 more slot on the action bar

not bad

this game is pretty good but you could have done better with a few things.


excellent concepts, very detailed interface, and the dungeon exploration was pretty interesting. however, the combat was extremely glitched. when the screen first opens, my character automatically goes to the top of the map and walks in one direction, with my attempts to control him being unresponsive. The fighting is also a tad unbalanced, as all I have to do is spam attack in order to win. The graphics could also be a tiny bit more fluid, but they're okay as they are.

However, I admit the potential of the game is enormous. A bit of polish and it'll be a gem.