Reviews for "Magi: The Fallen World"

Pretty good.

This is a rather nice RPG game, but there are some issues.
Gameplay: Yes well, this is a very addictive game, no doubt. I really enjoyed myself through killing monsters and finishing quests, but gets kind of repetitive after a while. Overall 9/10 for gameplay.
Graphics: I like how they were 3D, something that not most of today's RPG flash games don't have. The monsters were very well done, but you should have made it so you can see your hero wearing the vests, necklaces and other stuff, but it's pretty good. 10/10
Music: It really gave an atmosphere to the game, and I saw nothing wrong with it, so 10/10 for music.
It is a really good game and it's very enjoyable.
10/10, 5/5 for you, sir.


Great game kept me occupied for hours. Made it to the fourth island and quit after I realized the medals were not activating so i am missing about 5 of them. *IF YOU ARE PLAYING THIS GAME FOR MEDALS THEY ARE GLITCHED YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE THEM SO DONT BOTHER* besides the medal glitch I did not run into one single bug nor glitch. Gameplay was really smooth you coulda made a I love the equipment system it is the games best feature if you are a fan of diablo I recommend this game for you! Leveling gets really slow in the later phases I felt like I was playing an mmorpg and not a single player action rpg as the grind was tedious. overall great game man! looking forward to updates!

version 1.06

if it comes up as version 1.06 in the preloader how do i get version 1.07? great game though

veewen responds:

Try refreshing the game.

The Reason I created my account

The intro itself, is breathtaking. I just had to create an account after I saw it. Ahha, and I posted the poem to my facebook, tumblr, and etc. LOOL.

I like this game.

yea idk

it was an excellent game but it didnt count 3 or so of my medals....tresure hunter, explorer,slayer, and legend, i racked up over half a mil in gold and didnt get anythin...and i played the game for over an hour and a half and stopped counting kills in the 300s and no medal =(
but good game

veewen responds:

The medals should be fixed now, try loading your profile, go to a shop and then leave, your medals shall be activated.