Reviews for "Magi: The Fallen World"

couldnt beat unique cyclops...

I was a lvl 10 mage with the best equipment and everything and i couldnt beat him. I would constantly be using the two ice spells to slow him down and hit him with lvl 3 meteor.

He would actually SPEED UP when hit with ice spells, and the lvl meteor did ZERO damage. Fireball did zero damage.

Fucking useless. Wasted an hour of my life.

Good game

Awesome game. There are only a few suggestions I can make. Maybe have less useless item drops (weapons not class specific to class you are playing.) Also you might want to make it impossible for a legendary creature hunt to spawn in the first island. Other than that, this game is really addictive and fun to play.

Very good

Almost perfect but for items:

there really too many items dropped, very boring to select and sell them.

Only one click to sell items is tricky, the trade screen needs a confirmation before selling.

But it is a great game. NIce art, simple to play.

Great game, but...

This game is very well designed, however I found it odd that one of the first sets of quests required you to kill a legendary-class creature. This led to me having to grind for a while just to be able to survive one hit. Otherwise, great game.

great game

i cant stop playing it