Reviews for "Cripple Cannon"

i have crippling Depression.

Funny. But I am glad that I will never have to play it again.

A sequel with upgrades you could get by spending on points earned for distance and altitude from launching, and other expansive features would be nice. It is a very sold start to what could be a new grounds classic.

"Yeah it was a pretty stupid idea of shizzle, my nizzle."

Finished the game after about 30 minutes but holy hell it was amazing. The last mission I had this setup where in the last room you had to jump out of to reach the ambulance, the old guy was bouncing around aimlessly for about a good 5 minutes+ and I didn't want to just stop it, and the damn thing spat him out perfectly on top of the ambulance, essentially winning the last area. What a great game, 6/5!

I think I have just found the most addictive game I've played in years! Infuriating as hell! Great artwork, great sound and funny!