Reviews for "Dragon's Cave (Beta)"

Dat Keyboard

People who are leaving bad reviews just dont have a keyboard that works well with this game. The mechanics are a buggy as hell because of that. Only some of the stuff worked for me as well. Fix that and you will have a fantastic game on your hands. The concept and art are great!

Hope to play this again when you finish it.

It doesnt work

Something is missing, I press the keys, hold the keys and nothing happens, one of them, many of them, something is wrong

Ok idea

but you have HORRID timing! Did you even play test this? Because the time periods you give some levels are about a half of what you need, and most computers wont respond to more than 3 or 4 key presses. One more thing, maybe it's just me, but after redoing a level a couple of times, the intro gets really annoying, and when your trying to move the rocks as soon as possible, so does that beep

72 Hours Hampered The Design Of This Game

The presentation is well done with clean art, particle effects, details (rock turns red when near lava as one example), responsive sounds, and appropriate choice of music from the audio portal although it could use a larger selection of songs.

The issue most players are having comes from design issues that were not seen due to the 72 hours of development time given, as well as their choice of solution to the 20+ keys requirement. This is the main reason for the lower review scores, including my own. For starters, the acceleration for the rocks needs to be higher to be noticably responsive to the players control. Sound and animated particle effects are not enough to satisfy players. I too thought my controls were broken until I held down the key for a good full five seconds before I saw the rock budge. The sounds and the particle effects are hints that I made no mistake, yet I still struggle with the rocks being more of an obstacle than a bridge I am supposed to control. By the time I realised I'm moving the rocks, the rocks are either plummetting to the lava out of control, or they smashed into the ceiling due to my ignorance of holding it down. By then the dragon breaks free and I turn to ash. Increasing the acceleration (which also speeds up braking of course) should solve the largest issue players are having thus far.

The other issue is the handicap given to you requiring 20+ keys. Your choice of allowing players to control more than one rock isn't a solution to many of your puzzles with such a low time limit on later levels. I ended up surrendering to the game, because my keyboard only controls 3 rocks at a time. With the acceleration issue, and the fact that I still have 4 more rocks to get me to the other side, I end up panicking and diving into the lava (and the dragon STILL has plenty of time to escape the shield and breathe fire into the lava). I have two suggestions for this: increase the time limit OR improve the wizard's movement whether it's a 1 cm jump increase, or reduce his susceptability to fall through minor "arguable" gaps between rocks (like let him run through vertical gaps of 3 mm?). Doing both would be too easy for us with the acceleration increase in mind. Also, I don't know if the hint system is necessary for the same reason. I already know how to solve it, I just literally can't do it unless I find a better keyboard... Or a faster brain to coordinate the bridge.

Overall though, I would say the game is a success. In 72 hours, you produced a non-buggy game that looks and sounds great (love the shield activation sound). Just work on the acceleration and difficulty issues (mainly caused by faulty keyboard designs that love to jam out of all things), and I would imagine your average score will increase quite a bit. Hope the competition goes well for you. I know I enjoyed playing it.

Very creative! Also very challenging. D:

This is quite a fun game! I do like the concept a lot, and it was a good way to fit the restriction given to make this game. The levels got a lot more difficult than I expected them to become, and the magical rocks provided even more of a decent challenge. I like all the things that the player has to judge at once; whether they can keep enough time to press Space and escape in time, which rocks they don't need to move, whether the rocks can get in position in time, and which button does what. It's fun, although as done in this game, it's rather challenging...

I very much hope you continue making this game, as I feel the 72 hours given might not have been enough to balance the difficulty enough or make more entertaining gimmicks. There are a few frustrating parts that make the challenging levels even more challenging. First, the rocks have far too little friction. I know it's midair, but it's also a flash game. :P ...So perhaps more friction and acceleration in the rocks' movement could make the game less frustrating, though could very well keep it challenging if done correctly. I also suggest a maximum speed; that might help judgment, too.

Also, it's annoying to judge whether there's enough time to get to the end before the dragon's magic spell runs out, and when there's not, it's annoying to see our poor wizard getting toasted just before reaching the end. So perhaps the flames could go a little slower to make it easier to judge, or the Space key could just stop the bar at the top completely. It's your game, so you can think about it. ;D

Maybe a little incentive not to get burned would be nice, because it's rather rewarding to look over all the stones one time and see the best way to move them all, even if our wizard does acquire a few fatal injuries in the process. After that, the only gripe I have is how necessary it is to hold down lots of keys at once; some keyboards don't allow that, from what I know. But maybe I don't know all that much, either. :P

Don't get me wrong, however! This game is brilliant! The idea is quite creative and could be a lot more fun with a little tweaking. The graphics and animations are very beautiful and pleasing to watch. For some reason, I particularly like watching the wizard cast his spell on the dragon (who also is well drawn). ...And I couldn't help taking a screenshot of the wizard getting burned just to see how silly he looked. (Very silly, in fact, in a nice contrast to the rest of the game!) The music also contributes to the epic feel of the game, as do the sound effects. Overall, I congratulate you on a job well done with this game. Now just go past your initial 72 hours to polish it some more, add some levels, and balance the difficulty curve. I see a very fun game coming out of this!

I hope you enjoyed five paragraphs of my opinions. Hopefully this doesn't stretch the page too much, and hopefully this game goes far.