Reviews for "Dragon's Cave (Beta)"

Brilliant concept!

Fun, innovative and original, I love it!

I totally think this has tons of potential, I only quit when the letters stopped appearing. It was already pretty hard to focus and get it right, then it just seemed too hard.

You might want to experiment with the speed of raising/lowering the platforms, see if the game is more fun when it's maybe, four times the speed, or if it's just too easy then.

But yeah, good work! I enjoyed it.


for some reason, the controls didnt work at all for me. is that just me or a glitch?ill give a 9 for the great opening and it seems like a fun game, i wish i could just play it!!


The good news, he found the princess, the bad one, he found only top half of her..

good concept and game but falls short

a fun game and a good way to get around the handicap but it falls short with some flaws
-overcome handicap mostly
-fun and simple
-awesome opening
-jumps random, sometimes a block will be the same height above as another but he cant make the jump
-falls through platforms sometimes
-controls are slow and unresponsive sometimes making it hard to time everything perfectly
Decision- 8/10
a fun game but the controls make it hard to play and some bugs cause frustration in the wrong places, probably wold have been a 7 but you had an awesome opening cinematic that made me have to give another point

Dat Keyboard

People who are leaving bad reviews just dont have a keyboard that works well with this game. The mechanics are a buggy as hell because of that. Only some of the stuff worked for me as well. Fix that and you will have a fantastic game on your hands. The concept and art are great!

Hope to play this again when you finish it.