Reviews for "Madness Aesthetic"

Nice shit, ma dud.

Awwwww it's cute to see a 1488 in a relationship with a pyssu c: :3

haha nice

If we look at the pattern as being a created thing which arises out ofa number of discrete quanta of Thot, as in the television screen analogy, then the same Thot which creates pattern creates the condition. Space is the Thot, that some existing thing is locaed with respect to something else or a part of a thing in a different location from another part. Space is the Thot of located-ness. The specific Thot that there are locations to travel is produced by the Thot of seperation space. The fourth letter of the Tetragrammaton denotes the quality of form, it is the result of the Thot of continuing is-ness which is time, the Thot that the is-ness is located which is space, and the Thot of the separation between locations, which is energy, all acting together as a unity.

Those color and hands are an bijou!