Reviews for "Catch 51"

caght this caght that

i caght these

list of items i caght:
bones,kryptonight,poo,ray guns, and the merchindise

hey when you get the merchindise do you get to keep it?
tell me if you do and i'll rate your next game 10/10

JackSmack responds:

You can take a screenshot of it if you like. If you want to buy a plush demon doll or a t-shirt click on the BGroup logo on the main menu.

lol @ flamewolf393

Loved the response to flamewolf, Jack.

another lol @ flamewolf

I wouldn't be surprised if flamewolf does hang around gay bars, he comes from "Cumming, Georgia"


i loved this game

hey manbearpig stop nerd raging its not cool ok nice responce author keep up the good work


The music sound like its off that game Medievil