Reviews for "Catch 51"

Shit screww the haters I liked it lol

For being done in three days good job on animation an all of it, I especially liked the rewards lol Fulp's bones was a good touch.

Good, not great

I like the idea and the overall grafic and design. The music is a good choice too.
What I missed, is a bit more than just pulling out all the boxes within the time.
There is an inventory with paritally awesome stuff, which could be used for other missions.
The boxes seem to have a life of their own, floating around, then trying to escape or randomly change the direction. Why not making them fight against being caught? One box could swim away wich makes the FBI guy having to dive after, exposing himself to the dangers of the lake and such ...

Just a few ideas of mine.

Needs more work.

Its really as simple as the player needs more control in the game. U can't move the boat so it come down to fluke chance of getting a box and then if u get fish u have to either reel it in all the way and waste time or snap the line and waste time. The setup is a lose lose situation. sorry this isn't good enough try another and put more thought into it. :(

Not the best

The controls aren't the best, and it just doesn't seem to offer enough for the player.

Nice game

Make some more levels.