Reviews for "Catch 51"


It dosen't work

Great game but could better.

It was a great game. But there should be an option to mute the music. Fish could give you more time, upgrade fishing poll.

Short, but to the point.

For being completed in three days time, this game was a lot of fun. I wouldn't say amazing, but certainly cured my boredom for a few minutes.I think what would have made it better is just additional levels, hopefully with increasing difficulty. There were what looked like 3 "tabs" for the inventory, so perhaps 3 levels total. That aside, a lot of fun. Congrats! I couldn't imagine making a game in three days.

Does no one read anymore???

For three flipping days to come up with something, create it, and have it WORK is amazing skill.... Does no one read that it took three days only? I actually was ticked when I realized that was all there was to the game, but then I read all the info on it (not just skimming through) and saw that you had those limits on you... Amazing game for three days work and limit to the mouse. I have never made a game in only three days so I can not really give much advice, maybe some bonuses or some consequences for a certain order in catching them? I dunno great game all the same!

Awesome for only made in three days.

It's really easy to play, but it took me a little bit to figure out that the boat follows my mouse. Might have been nice to have known that from the beginning lol.
At first I thought the items were in specific-colored boxes, but then I saw two orange boxes and was like, "oh." So, now I'm trying to get the one piece that I'm missing, and always seeming to be halfway through hauling it up before the time runs out. D;
Still, it's pretty fun.
A small thing, though. The tension bar bugs sometimes and freezes in one place, allowing the catch to either escape or just allow easy reeling the whole rest of the way. That's the only problem I saw with it. :3