Reviews for "Catch 51"

This seems like a fun game...

...but it actually doesn't start up for me. Just like the guy five posts earlier. Still, I want to try and rate correctly, but can't. Another bug, maybe you can fix it?

same as the last guy

same as the last guy.

sooo close

this dint get a 10 for 3 reasons.
1 time was to short
2 to many dam fish
3 the mostinportaint you killed tom fulp u monster!!


Should be more to it

It's not that bad, I mean it kept me playing and I wasn't bored, but like the other guy said there needs to be more to the game than just fishing for random FBI artifacts.
Even though it took only 3 days, it would have been better if there was more to the game, if it took longer.

took me about 15 minutes but...

i finally completed the game! and i have to admit it was not a bad game! could use some improvements but, i still enjoyed playing it! hope you make more!