Reviews for "Catch 51"

Great Job

I thought that this was an amazing game, didnt take that long to beat it but it was still pretty cool, and dear mr. wearfare, I will suggest the asshole game for you :D


Some people never learned how to read. You shouldn't be so cruel!

Pisses me off the wall.

This game is mildly annoying and I don't have enough time to collect every box in the game, one being that your asshole of an agent has to pull his fail face for 2 seconds every time he loses to catch something and the fact that there's no choice of difficulty in this game, because when you play it the first time, you realise it's too piss-taking annoying and you can't complete everything within your time limit in one single run.

The story and concept was nice, but the game was annoying to play.


If you look at the "Author Comments" it'll tell you that our handicap for the challenge was THAT WE COULD ONLY USE THE MOUSE. People need to read a bit harder.

Nice job!

I really liked the music by Brian, it was really awesome andt he art also, maybe the plot was a bit weak but the game itself was really well made. The code was also great but maybe the game comes to repetitive (as much games does including mine lol). Anyway, great job for only 72 hours.
Good luck for the jam,
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