Reviews for "Catch 51"

its good but to many damn fish

its very good but at times there to many fish

Not bad.

Attractive, fun.

I couldn't win, though. Catching a single fish ruined the entire thing. There should be a way to abandon the line without wasting a million years. And the mouse wheel... just don't bother to implement that. Stick with the mouse button controls.

to play the game

click right mouse button then click play ;D

Ok game

Could you have chosen a more annoying way to play? The mouse scroll by default scroll down the page. How the heck are we supposed to fish when we can see the stress bar. Also why does the line suddenly slack like crazy after a while. No explanation or sample/trial round; its just kinda thrown out there. Ok rant over....

Smooth graphics and ok sounds. Maybe a bit more variety in sound effects or special scenes would have made it more fun. Has potential but lacks a bit of work. looking forward to a sequel.

XD XD LOL!!!!!

Funny medals!!
BTW, nce work keep it up!