Reviews for "Catch 51"


i like i give six for medal and seven for the suspense music :D nice what Song

This, I like

I just wish there was more time on the clock. I'm not quite able to get every box but it could just be my own issue.

Sorry but It's not that of a 10

This was very creative and sort of funny with all the unidentified items out there. Gameplay was casual for this genre of games though a nice touch up with the items and such. The controls are a an 8 due to lags and a short reaction time when moving the line. I give the game's quality a 9 because of the lags though it looked good. There was no story line except the pictured intro and game over, but that's okay for a game that gets right int the game so here's a 9. Now, you may over react to why I what I have given challenge wich is a 9. It was hard manuevering through all the fish to reach a deep item cube and when you had to real it in the bar would go up slowly, go down slowly, and the unexpectedly drop fast. The last medal made it hard though too. The game was not really an addicting game as it is shown up by other genres of games and I admit I only played for the medalsso it deserves an 8. Game length is an 8 because it could have been better like you could add an upgrade system or levels to increase it and the other subjects. I give you a 9 in effort because you tried hard to make a good game while the fish and cubes looked like they were drawn then slapped onto the game. Finally, fun is an 8 because 8 is a fun...thing. You guys can do better on upcoming work.


Story line-9
Game play-8
Game length-10


the medals were a perfect touch

one of my favorite alien theme games

i love area 51 and aliens this is a pretty creative way of using the theme!