Reviews for "Catch 51"

Good game

Very funny game.
If you can click on "Start", right click and then click on "forward" (that worked for me)

More then one level

The only reason I dont give this a 10 is because there is only one level. Without extra levels it really has no replay value for me. Overall though I think that this is a fun game and well made, I just wish there were more levels promotions something more.

Wasn't able to play...

Kept hitting start, and it looked as if I had clicked, but then didn't do anything.

JackSmack responds:

Do you have an ad blocker or anything running that might be causing it? And does it happen on multiple computers in your home?


Really cute game. Dunno what the complaint about more time is ... I thought there was just enough :)

Great graphics, smooth gameplay, fun trinkets.


This is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo AWESOME!
I like Sci-fi :)
great game ;)