Reviews for "Catch 51"

Bad Controls

On the upside, nice idea and nice music here. On the downside, as I am reeling anything up form more than halfway down with the mouse wheel...eventually the tension meter drops ridiculously and I cannot scroll my mouse wheel or click fast enough to save the object. If this is a feature designed for difficulty...I owuld recommend less difficult controls.


could have been better, with more interesting chests, also it's more based on luck than anything else. you can get all items and still have 1/3 time left or you can run out of time and have only 5-6 items.

ps: for guys who thinks controls sucks, it doesn't. just keep tension between two white lines.

Bad controls

Could be a fun game, if it had worked
i whenever i scroll the wheel the page scrolls down

awesome work!

it took eleven billion hours but i got everything in a single run. this game is a nice pace breather between all the normal violent and shooty stuff i usually play on here and i honestly enjoyed the serenity.

plz make another?

Another 'mash the mouse' game...

Graphics rock, music is totally x-files....but gameplay? Smash the mouse and hope for the best. Add another set of controls, some other way to reel things in, maybe a radar so you can see where you need to go...This game has HUGE potential, but the controls options totally kill it. Smashing a mouse is not challenging...its annoying.