Reviews for "Catch 51"

I really like that fishing. It have good difficulty level and its funny.

At first the controls was real frustrating until you understand that wire tension must be kept within two little lines not within the whole of tenion bar.

After you understand how to play the game got really easy.

Great sounds/ graphics, funny items.

However to be great his game could use more items and more different obsticles as it is it is a very nice concept but too short a game.

All medals work.

Very good game but there is a glitch in the game where if you right click and press play, you beat the game. I recommend fixing that. Other than that it was a great game to play and I had a lot of fun playing good luck with your other work.

Interesting fish game

From what you've provided us with, you have shown some good promise with this one, some areas and aspects of the flash could be better but we can get to that later, but anyways you have a decent piece of work here, i like what you have done now lets get to more of that. Alright so a nifty game here, the graphics were smooth and nice to see, the music was great and of good quality, Now the game-play was hard it was hard to get that fish pulled up, so maybe if you allowed for a change in the key configuration and such. The basiscs are all there. The controls work fine, the graphics are all right and the gameplay is good enough to waste a few minutes with it. infact i could waste more then a few minutes on this as it has kept my interest level up.

If I could have changed this around at all, I think i would follow some of these ideas i have even following up on just one or two would be a plus so try some of these are out. make it so you can use other keys to pull up the fish like a key on the keyboard or something.

I like it, I loved a lot about. The atmosphere made nostalgic for a simpler time, and the men in black style character was intriguing, it was brilliant. It could have had a few more elements though, so i will give it 4.