Reviews for "Block, Backfire, Power-Up"

......Umm Yeeeah...

I'm gonna need you to come in on Saturday and fix that button delay. Then the game will be super-great-funtime.


nice for 3 days only!

Really, really buggy

Blocking is delayed, so you actually have to push spacebar about 2 seconds before you're going to need to block. Further, on the right side, eventually every enemy ends up stuck to the right of the hump, so by the time I died there were easily 15 of them over there and going in was a death trap. As was jumping to the left, because there isn't enough room to block before the keypress delay wears off, so basically no matter where I went I was going to take a hit. Add onto that the fact that I'm pretty sure the next wave was starting before the current one was over, and that there's no apparent use for the shield powerup bar, and it's really not a very good game. It could be amusing in a more polished state, but as it stands... not really.

good work

great work on programming this.

MintPaw responds:

Good work on arting it. :3


buggy, sluggish and kinda boring. sry guy.