Reviews for "Block, Backfire, Power-Up"

Needs improvement

Sorry guys, I know you had really small amount of time but this games need imrpvoment.
The movement is really buggy, you can go sometimes trhough boxes and the jump also is a bit buggy.
I can't block anything, sorry if its my fault, but i press space to block, they attack me but they hurt me, it's really difficult :S
Try now that you guys have more time free to make something like a gold or deluxe version fixing that and making it work better.
Good luck anyway in the jam!
Best regards,

Where is the pause button?

I realy enjoyed the game whem i finaly figured out how to kill enimyes, but i missed a few basic things like pause and mute.
The next wave text became realy enoying as the game got harder, and it was actually the text that killed me at the end.
It could just be me, but i think you give the player to little points for using spesial attacks.
Also the game could have been a loot better if you had added more mobs. ;)

Kinda funny

The music is pretty unfitting but it still fun music. Originally the game didn't make any sense but after a minute i figured it out. The shield special was hilarious but didn't go far enough. Good Job

I can block

This was a fairly mediocre game mostly because it seems like there was not much good or bad about it. If the medals had points, then yeah, I would be more motivated to play it. I will, however, say that this game is fairly harmless. I guess it is kind of neat to see old people doing well, nothing and be able to get points with that. The main fault is that you are not allowed to be in a wide open area. Every level and wave seems the same.

It is kind of entertaining to see those killers accidentally stab themselves like that. There just needs to be more variety with how they move and attack. I would have also preferred it if you were allowed to actually attack. Still, this does fit the theme of the NG Game Jam well. That blue icon with the handicap sign is pretty cute too.

A little bugged...

The graphics aren't very good, but in a game like this, graphics aren't a major concern so that's not a big deal. I know you said that the button delay was intentional, but it makes the game impossible to play at certain times... when a lot of enemies are trapped in the small area behind the pot, if you don't have enough special bar to take them out, you are guaranteed to get hit a few times and perhaps die because they roam around so quickly and you just can't block fast enough.

I did find a rather game-killing bug, too... I played through for a while and finally died due to shield lag. When I restarted, no enemies would appear. I still have the game open, and I walked around for a full two minutes back and forth to see if enemies would spawn, but none ever did. I don't know if this is a one time bug or if this is what happens on every replay, but it's a rather significant problem in my opinion.

The only suggestion I can make, other than fixing the problem I mentioned above, is to lessen the buttonj delay slightly or remove it altogether. Why was it intentional? When the field is flooded with enemies, the button delay makes the game impossible to win. Then again, I don't know if this game can actually be won or if it's just endless.