Reviews for "Block, Backfire, Power-Up"

Bit boring...

good game in the first minute or so but then it gets boring very quickly, you need to add more power ups and make the game a little bit more organised. good work so far though


it was okay playing the first few minuts, but then it got boring and i started finding wierd glitches like if you hold down and left/right down he make some kind of dance thing..or if you keep holding down up then he jump without landing normal. ok game, keep up the good work and might add some attacks.

I'm impressed.

Pretty nice game not bad but it gets boring quick so heres a quick tip try to make games that you would like.



A little slow seeming, but very fascinating

I must admit, the way you defeat enemies has to be the most humorous I've seen in a while. A bandit whose knife gets rebounded off a random shield right into his eye? The moment I realized it I laughed a lot. I truly enjoyed it, and it would be wonderful to see a sequel or a remastered version made with better graphics. Given the time that you had and the handicap, you guys did a wonderful job.