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Reviews for "Fruit Day"

the most family friendly game gj

Not bad..

For your first game that is.

I personally liked how it was all done on graph paper.

Goes to show you don't need expensive equipment or mad drawing skills to make a decent game.

As a suggestion though... I wish it had harder modes or challenge modes. I.E Only three lives and nothing to replenish them with.

Very Nice

This game had a nice graphic style, with the graph paper and whatnot. However, I think everyone has seen the "catch good things and don't catch bad things" done before. Maybe more creativity next time, but for the game itself, it's one of the better creations of this game style

Quite good

Not bad at all man! Keep up the good work.

Good work!

Fun. Simple. Well made. Most games that people claim are their first are just terrible. But this one is actually entertaining. I like the looks of it, even though it has a simple design. Good job.