Reviews for "Mech Blaster"


can't get enough of the time bombs....10/10

Like it

Niice, I love games with Mechs in it.

Awesome game!

Okay so I loved the music and the gameplay, but I feel that the score that you receive for killing the baddies can go to a purchasing system. It felt like once you unlocked all the "upgrades" you were in a survive the longest mode or until the game ends. Overall I still give you a ten because this is a great game :D

There is some true potential for a sequel where maybe you need to collect a variety of things instead of just diamonds.

I would say the only things that knocked it down, the no customizing (color, different weapon patterns, etc.), not telling us what the unlocks are at the top right so we know what we are aiming for :P

Good job!

epic shooter.
im a complete mech fan.the graphs are great, music is....perfect(to an extent)
and the weapon selection is great, but i think there should be more leg choices.

Cool game

Since you call it "configure" I'l just tell you that the mech should have multiple colors to choose.

Vote: 4/5
Rating: 8/10

I was gonna put 7/8, but the song is also very amazing. Can you please give me the name of it?
Thank you.