Reviews for "End of Life--_--(4:26)"


omfg. i almost started crying. almost. it would be perfect in a dramatical scene of a movie like when simba's dad dies. reminded me of my dead dog. i knew her all my life. literaly. from day 1. keep it up.


Is all I can say. Gave me that "warm, fuzzy" feeling inside...lol.

Nice work

You know, its a nice song, I enjoy it. But what is up with your attitude? That your audience are 'dicks' if they criticize it. News flash buddy, tracks can suck that the author spent months on. So my advice would be to be a little bit more respectful to your audience and at least pretend to have a slight amount of humility.

Overall, great atmosphere and everything works together nicely. Ever heard the track L'Annonce des Couleurs by Mac Zimms? Pretty well known trance anthem. The chord progression is mightily similar.

Keep it up!

PERVOK responds:

Oh pff. You should know by now that im not serious about anything i say XD I could call you a penis, and not mean it.

And no, I haven't heard that song. I should though, eh? :)

Oh, and : Penis.

hmmmm. begining, death scene like. end, nope

great one. i can tell alota work on this one. this is one of those songs that u would hear at the very end of a sad movie while the credits scroll by.
maybe a sad robot movie. lol, hey, its been done. great one very calming but still has some bass. i admire that


this reminded me so much of an old video game soundtrack. i can't remember it right off hand, but this was awesome!