Reviews for "I Have 1 Day"

:D great work:D

i need to say that i didnt think about 2 things in the game to use the few items:D
(i destroyed myself sometimes with the haste spell:D )

really great work... please more^^


Absolutely amazing, and I will never forgive you for that Town Crier puzzle!

Mathematical Game

this game unlike other flash games uses math, but in a good way :) the ending of the frogs was funny when u see it in the credits. overall is a very nice game, the music does remind you of the middle ages and i recommend it to anyone whose into the medieval times thing :)

pretty fun, issue found

I found a glitch that may need fixing. When fighting the black prince, if you use the scroll on yourself and cause yourself to explode (and die), the prince will still attack you, and the entire game will freeze up. as a result (probably because it doesn't expect you to die while dead).
Other than that, the game was very fun and addicting :)

CellarDoorGames responds:

It's bizarre because we've had several people point this out to us, but we can't fix it because for some reason we can't duplicate it. All that happens for us is that the game over screen appears twice (albeit slowly).


Though, I found a bug that freezes the game. If you use the time scroll to kill yourself when you're supposed to use the wand at the end and then try to restart using the Log, the game kills you again even though you're dead thus freezing the game. Good thing for auto-save.
Otherwise, very fun! A real brain buster.