Reviews for "I Have 1 Day"

Most excellent!

I'm a connoisseur of point and click adventure games, and this one not only delivers but goes beyond the classic formula. I like the idea of going back to fix your mistakes in order to make it by the deadline. You even managed to fit a couple decent logic puzzles in there. Great job! Props to you!

perfect in my book

a great tribute to any point and click adventure... the feature to replay from previous hours and various puzzles/riddles makes it very worth it, and the added challenge of doing it without wasting any hours had me going back secondguessing how I did things even from hour 1. no bugs that I noticed, music fit very well. good job!

awsome i love point and clicks.

kinda of a lame pun having an arrow for your mouse cursor.


to get across the swamp the quickest

1.send yourself and red across
2send red back or your self
3.send blue and yellow back
4.send red or yourself back from the den varying on your beginning choice
5.send red and yourself across
it shouldn't matter if you send red or yourself because it only has a difference of a few minute and won't count against you.

not to sound like a noob/newb but vote plus if this helped you

Villainous brought me here and I have to say..you guys make the best games around here.

A non-linear adventure game with replay value - that is an achievement in itself.

All the puzzles and solutions were smart ad made sense.

The story was original coherent and imaginative.

Pixelated retro graphics look real nice.

Very good adventure game, one of the best I have played.