Reviews for "I Have 1 Day"


love it

Spoil Alert! (GLITCH)

Found a glitch :o
In the final room, Where the prince, the magician and the king are, click the clock until you get to 25 hours. It will say The games over because you ran out of time. Click the logbook and go back to the first hour you entered, Lets say you had a perfect game and went in at 21 hours.Go back to 21 hours and finish the game.

after the credits, you will be at the main menu. click continue and the Game over Animation will show up. You can even click the logbook and go back to 21 hours, but it will just show up the main menu again.


Haha, beat it without wasting a single hour :P It's a good game.

Pee you!... XD Great game!

If you like medieval games, if you like wizards, if you like getting pee from a litter box, this is a great game for you!

Some Spoilers :X

When you want t have a 2nd job, you have to mute the man right? Mute the SOUND of the game.
2 clothes/1 cloth. The 1st one is whether you clean up your room, then waste some hours to get back your cloth. Or you escape and take the scarecrow clothes. or BOTH.