Reviews for "I Have 1 Day"

Very inventive. I thoroughly enjoyed this game :)

I wish there more games that have a book to travel back in time and I didn't know this was make by the people who made "Don't shit your pants".

It is that kind of humor that makes me smirk. Back in the day I used to play the old Monkey Island games and the Kyrandia games. I'm glad to see that even today there are games like this and this one,
although it is not the biggest game, has it all: good music, nice scenery, charming characters and lots of details and jokes. Oh yeah and the timetravel logbook is cool too. 5/5

This game has to be the ONLY point and click game I've ever enjoyed. All the solutions made sense, things were CLEARLY seen, and there was no confusion about how to solve something; if you had the right materials, it just clicked in your mind.

The story is pretty simple too.

Get your body back before midnight.

Personally, I wasn't a fan of the backtracking and was about to rate this game 4 stars, but thanks to hilarious game over text and the comedic "Haven't we done this before?" dialogue with everyone, backtracking became very tolerable. I realize that the backtracking is a crucial part of the game so you can understand your mistakes and improve on them with better time.

Speaking of time, this game does handles the time mechanic very well. As aforementioned, the goal is to get your body back from the "Black Wizard" before the clock strikes midnight. This is done very well. There are multiple solutions to the problems presented in this game (another reason why this is the best P'N'C game ever). I'll give you an example:

The first obstacle in the game:
You're in a prison cell. The guard promises to let you out early if you clean up. There's also a mop in the cell. Along with a bucket with some water. My first guess was to (obviously) clean up the cell to get out. But as I replayed it to get some necessary items for the future, I realized that I could conserve time by digging my way out of the prison cell.

Obviously, there's always an optimal path. As this game is focused around conserving time, there will always be a "better way" to do things. So make sure to observe and take advantage of the items at your disposal.

You can find a WALKTHROUGH option at the top of your logbook menu, but it's really not needed until like, two parts in the game. I only needed it at the finale.

Overall, I frigging love this game. The medieval setting and funny deja-vu commentary with the characters really bring this game to life. I can't stress enough how this game should be presented with golden trumpets and a heavenly light shining down on it, but yeah... It's great.

I give it a perfect score. I love you, too, Rete.

Great game. Loved the two (main) different routes. Every item was in the game for a purpose (even the mute button!).

And the best strategy for the 3 wizards to get to the den is indeed 4 hours as stated in the game. It's kind of amusing that needing to send over one additional guy could actually improve the best time.

Overall, awesome little game with many funny/smart details. Great job!