Reviews for "I Have 1 Day"

Nice !!

Pretty good game we have here !!

It's really awesome, I just think it should have some medals to make it perfect ...

Ps. There's no need for a replay button, you can look the logbook and go back to any other hour of your day to try it again (if you die or lose)... better than replay isn't ? =D

CellarDoorGames responds:

We're waiting for the medals to be approved. Hopefully we'll be able to get them up.


I don't see the beauty of pixel..
The graphics are very, very ugly..


This is a very fun point and click adventure, with multiple endings which is awesome (actually I think this is the first point and click adventure I've played that has different endings)! This game gives you a good challenge, and the ending is epic. Great job!

Absolutely fantastic;

Had a lot of fun figuring this game out and with a fantastic end...outstanding! Deffinetly recommend to anyone on NG :)


Really cool game man just add a replay button...