Reviews for "I Have 1 Day"


This game was fun and clever. Thank god for fucking with the space time continuum !

well done!

NOW this is what I call time management!
I love that Logbook idea. Having the ability to restart at a specific time is useful.

Man I wish I have my very own logbook. I can go back in time and avoid making the mistakes I've done. It will be very handy in real life especially when I'll be able to do things without guilt and restart all over like nothing happened! You know, doing "THAT"~ :D

Great work indeed!

I've never been a fan of point and click games, but this was outright awesome. Especially the music. That gives it that special 10.


An excellent game. I love it and add it to fav.

Nice game

Nice idea and everything, but i got stuck in a loop where i got caught out of prison, but resetting at the hour put me at the "meanwhile at the prison" hence i had to restart completely :\

CellarDoorGames responds:

You can press the arrow button in the bottom left corner of the log book to go back to previous hours.

Since the guard checks at 3, if you keep restarting at 3, you'll always get caught, so you just need to go back an hour.