Reviews for "I Have 1 Day"

i already finish the game why i didn't take the metals?

A Cute, fun Game. Nothing really bad about it.

I have 1 day walkthrough: https://youtu.be/X24Q6A2LuQ8

That was a hoot! The mechanics of timing and efficiency are a simple challenge, but it's one that takes a few tries to optimize. Fortunately, the journal makes it easy to re-do exactly as much as I want to do, and the game over screens are hilarious enough that it's not really a letdown if I screw up. Zanda and Yellow both get funny lines from my time travel use. With that type of humor, I might have expected how to get that last bit of gold. Instead, that was the one part where I needed a walkthrough.

But whether it took one day or two, the items are cool to use. They have simple uses at first, imaginative uses for tighter strategies, and more jokes here and there. The whole game's fun to toy around with -- great work!

A well made classic that is still good