Reviews for "Friday: The Game"


lacks Chris Walken though

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I absolutely loved this game. Going in, I figured that this would be some lame game trying to capitalize on the success of another viral phenomenon. What I got was surprising. I don't normally write reviews without any criticisms, but I genuinely can't think of one. It wasn't long, but it didn't have to be. The art and music really worked. I couldn't find a single bug or glitch. There was REAL humor and wit. The "Shit" command did inspire some laughter in me, seeing as I love the game "Don't Shit Your Pants!" I think this game truly deserves a higher score that what it already has. Well done sir.

By the by, was that a big orange dildo on Rebecca's dresser? Not trying to be foul; just wondering.

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Pjorg that rascal...
EDIT: Pjorg doesn't think it is.


I just love this game so much. (:

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Of course you do!


Just fapped.


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??? Congrats?

The wlakthrough link doesnot work,,,

So i cant get the loseaholic medal
(also,is this blamming rebecca or the song? it was not her fault her mom put a horrible song on youtube!)

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