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Reviews for "asdfm0vie4"

In all fairness...

this movie was terrible, didnt even make me laugh.
The voice acting needs imrpovement, the animation needs improvement, it was too predictiable, ect...

Over all, 1/10, 0/5

Heil responds:

so same level of quality as asdfmovie? thanks for the input

Bad contribution.

Considering this isn't your first flash, you should have at least put some sort of effort into this, right? No, you didn't. However, I'll judge this fairly like any other flash.

This is a contribution to asdfmovie, a series of random animations by TomSka. Does it live it to it? 90% of me says no, but 10% says yes just because this flash IS random, but not in a good way. TomSka doesn't use stuff like that.

- Contribution to TomSka
- Randomness? (Judged in lightness...)
- Short (also judged in lightness...)

- Voice Acting (Do it yourself, please.)
- Bad animation
- Bad humor, except for people who love those jokes
- No music for cutscenes
- A need for cock jokes. There is a moment for everything, but not in asdfmovie.

The sad part about all of this is that if a lot more time and effort is put into this, then this could have been a very successful tribute.


This is a flash that could have so much better off if your crew had worked better on it. It doesn't live up to TomSka's original flash, but with more work, that could change. To summarize, just improve all around.

Heil responds:

i think u made a mistake in ur review, u gave a 1 when you clearly ment 10, but i forgive u

its an insult to the original ASDF

first of all, crappy people, their drawing are too undetailed, it looks like everybody has just legs, and the way u drew it doesn't even look like a torso, in fact, looks like their torso and arms were cut off and they were generous enough to at least let the people walk.

and how can the voices be so quiet that i have to turn my volume to max? its annoying, also why r there so many dicks around, it makes it look like it is a gay movie or something?

i watched the original ASDF, it has better animations and it even has kick ass song, and this is exactly an insult to it, if u keep this up, u will never get any good out there.

seriously this is one of the most sucking-ass turd of the week i have ever seen (for now) if u are gonna submit shitty flashes to the portal, then get another life and stop spamming the portal with shits like this...

Heil responds:

its better than the original you dumb shit

yeah... no

not exactly very good. the people were just under-detailed torsos and heads, with the occasional gratuitous penis. i couldnt hear the voices at all, and the animation was shoddy, to say the least.

Heil responds:

so on par with the original? thanks for your words


Not as good as actual ASDFMovies, but the obscured voices was interesting. Too much penis for my taste.

Heil responds:

fuk of its way better