Reviews for "Chisel"


This is splendid.


10/10 great


this is my favorite

lvl 6 oooh

lvl 6 soo hard

Hard to pin down

I love its puzzle-based nature, but by the same token it is immensely frustrating because some levels are too easy and some are too damn hard. It goes beyond just aim and prediction- there's an immense element of chance based on the movement of some of these things. Even when it doesn't come down to chance, it is still absurdly difficult based on things like speed or precisely where everything is. I'm giving up for now on a level shaped like a pirate ship because I recognize I need to dispose of those crabs, but to do so I must avoid hitting the mines, but in order to avoid the mines I need to dig carefully, which forces me to face those damn crabs.

And don't think for a moment that the second game is any better off! I took a look at that too on your website, and that can rightly piss off! It becomes very obtuse in that enemies will happen when they damn well feel like it, and you jumping and rocket magic and aimed digging don't matter for a thing because this shit just sort of comes at you.

Mind you, the sequel doesn't go toward the above score of 7. You got a 7 on this and this alone because it is very fun but very annoying.