Reviews for "Chisel"

Level 12 Is The Hard :))

Great Game Evar April 2011 Has A Great FLASH GAMES!!


It was fun and very unique but i got tired of the repetitive gameplay really fast.

I dont like the main character

The game is awesome, but that mole kid freakes me out, specially when he laughts, I think that he will bit me.

Animation is great, game is great, plot is good, etc.

Great Start

Great little game you have here! It is a different idea, with great results. The animation is clean, smooth and colorful. It is visually engaging. The music matches the whole feel of the game without being irritating or repetitive. The levels are difficult but not frustratingly so.

The levels did seem a bit mixed up, you would get a rather difficult level before getting an easier one, so level progression could be a bit smoother.

There is however room for improvement. I would have liked to see an upgrades system, things such as faster drilling, faster movement etc. If you don't want to add an upgrades system maybe power-ups (popping up like the gems do) that would offer random rewards such as timed invulnerability, fast digging, extra health, etc.

Overall great game and very addicting. I can't see where you take this.

A strange but fun little thing.

Charming flavor, simple concept, just enough difficulty to be challenging without being tooth-grinding. Probably quite addicting, too; good thing I stopped when I did. I've got stuff to do today.